Tuesday, April 12, 2011

See God's great goodness to sinners!

Goodness and Love look down upon the fallen race, and desire their happiness; Wisdom divises the remedy; Pity lets fall her tear of sympathy; and Mercy comes to the rescue.  But while the guilty turn with indifference or scorn from all the offers of grace tendered by the hand of Mercy, Long-suffering waits with enduring patience, reiterates the pleadings of Mercy, crying, "Why will ye die?" till Goodness, and Love, and Pity, and Mercy, and Long-suffering, having all made their appeals only to be rejected and set at naught, join with Justice, and Holiness, and every perfection of God, in pronouncing upon the incorrigible their fearful and irrevocable doom.        - Elements of Divinity, from chapter 2  Attributes of God, by Thomas N. Ralston

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