Monday, April 18, 2011

The heavens declare God's glory!

This has been imported and reposted from it's original post date of 6/4/07.

A few weeks ago I read Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork." I had never had any yearning to go to outer space. But when I read this I had a strong desire to go and see space. This could give me another glimpse into the glory of God -- into the utter perfections of God. So recently I decided that googling an image search would be more feasible than a trip to outer space at this time in my life. Here are some Hubble images and other images of galaxies, stars, etc. that may declare to you the glory of God.

The Hubble Space Telescope produced this picture (below) of the “Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula back in 1995, and since then it has become a classic space image. The towering clouds of cool gas and dust veil stars in the nebula, which is 6,500 light-years away In the constellation Serpens. The height of the tallest pillar is about 4 light-years, or 24 trillion miles. (for those of you clueless to "light-years", it means the distance it takes for light to travel for one year. Light travels 186,000 miles per second. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year. Multiply these together to get 31,500,000 seconds in a year. Multiply that times 186,000 miles per second and you get 5,850,000,000,000 miles—about 6 trillion miles. It takes about 8 minutes for light to travel from our sun to our earth.) Our entire solar system would be just a speck on this picture.

The Pillars of Creation take up just a small area in the Spitzer Space Telescope’s view of the Eagle Nebula. In this picture, a small yellow outline shows the area taken up by the Hubble picture. The Hubble view is repeated in the larger inset picture to help you get your bearings.

For more pictures of the Eagle Nebula click here.
Yes, the heavens declare the Glory of God!


Vonnie said...

Awesome, beautiful pictures!!

Phillip D said...

After seeing your comments, Vonnie, I realized that I should have put a picture of the beautiful Northern Lights that you all get to see. Enjoy seeing glimpses into the glory of God up there in AK.

Love you all, Phillip

Jon Earls said...

Great pictures! God has written Himself all over creation - how anyone can deny His existence is very sad...!

Thanks for commenting on my blog - I just thought I'd let you know that I'm reading yours as well!

I appreciate your families dedication to serving God - keep up the good work!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Phillip, what unfathomable pictures of the glory of God. He surely is worthy of our trust and love. I love you. Mom D.

Phillip D said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jon. We are doing no more than you all of course, but just in a different location.

And, Mom, I love you too. Love to Dad too. Phillip

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Phillip, what awesome pictures of Christ's handiwork! This helps us realize that God knows every single thing about each of our lives. Who could ever imagine having an intelligent being like God is, to be in control of our lives? How very blessed we are to have such a Creator and Savior!
Love, Mom D

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