Wednesday, April 27, 2011

James Plank preaching at IHC right now, III.

"I have never been the same since going to Papua New Guinea.  The most beautiful college choir hasn't sang on this pulpit.  They were barefoot and tried to match.  Their first song they sang, 'Called Unto Holiness.'"

"[To many today] Little things like simplicity [in dress] don't matter anymore.'

"[I don't want to knock our movement] I thank God for the things that remain."

"I know that there is a reproach."

"I appreciate my wife's {modesty] and simplicity.  It is a conviction with her whether we are at IHC or on vacation."

"Living the careful life...the consistant life bears a bit of a reproach.  But I want to tell you that with this life there is a glory [that makes any bit of the reproach seem so light.]"

"Since when was it up for debate that gold or silver could be used to adorn their body. [even with wedding bands]"

"Modesty is essential wherever you are."

"The people accross the years who have helped us to drive stakes, you line them all up here and they would all be modest even in their attire."

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