Rediscovering Truth

We are Holiness People and are a part of a Holiness Church.  Someday Holiness will fill the earth.  The following are themes on Careful, Holy Living, Biblical Standards, and Critical Issues for Christians that with time I hope to address using Scripture, writings from leaders in the Early Church, and quotes and perspectives from men of God in church history.  I wish to give Early Methodist and Holiness viewpoints as well.  What has been the position of Christ's church throughout history on these points?  This will be a work in progress as I have time; I started sometime around 2009 and now have various unfinished works to add.  The following subjects will be linked to the research. More may be added or taken away.  I do not consider myself qualified, but I am seeing a nightmarish falling away and worse, even an antagonism against what used to be assumed as normal Biblical truths in the church.  May God bring the church back to a revival of Biblical and holy living!

Believing: Saving faith vs. false damning faith
Lord’s Day Observance:  How it has been observed/ how not, what day, how to profane, etc.
Jewelry and Adornment and gold and pearls, and costly array, etc
Dress: Skirt on woman & Pants on Men
Modesty, Covering Body
Worship: Motive, How, Perspective, How Not
Music Style in church.  And were some instruments or styles profane or prohibited?
How to Preach
The Coming of Christ
Manifestations, Visions, Fainting, Falling, Dreams, Prophecies
Long Hair on Women / Short Hair on Men
Training of Children
Promises to the Godly parents
Personal Devotions and Discipline
Family Altar
Praise / Shouting
Plenary Inspiration / Inerrancy of the Bible
Bible versions vs. Bible perversions
Ministry, Missions, Evangelism, Preaching
Best way to serve God's kingdom in this present age: Politics, Ministry, Riches, etc.
How to keep our youth from deserting the church.  Right way vs. Wrong way.
Seeking to Impress / Charismatic Mindset & Ministry: Glorifying God vs. Glorifying, Loving Bigness and Methods, Lights, Glamour, Handling Snakes (Like the Pagans do), Seeking to impress the world vs. Confronting the world

Check back in the future.  And please feel free to help me and send me via e-mail, ideas, quotes, verses, references, stories, questions or thoughts to add to this list or to support any of the listed topics.   E-mail me ideas using the "Contact Me" tab.
Thank you,
Phillip Dickinson
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