Our Church & Mission

We are working as missionaries with the Christian Nation Church (CNC) in Goshen, Ohio, USA.  

Our Pastor is Carl Eisenhart, Associate Pastor is Paul Pilmore, and Minister of Music is Rob Ryan.   
Daryl Hausman, Paul Pilmore, Carl Eisenhart, Jimmy Ramirez, Mark Becker, and Phillip Dickinson (with Jose, a boy in Jimmy's school)

The missions arm of our church is Global Holiness Mission (GHM) with Director Mark Becker.  Several other dear missionaries are serving with GHM.
Mark Becker (on right) teaching in Colombia
I am Ordained by the Christian Nation Church USA, Inc. of which Ron Justice is the General Overseer and Carl Eisenhart is the Secretary Treasurer. 

We love our church, pastors, and mission director, and we so appreciate the presence of God in the lives of our church family and services.  I have found our church and mission to be exciting, caring, loving, spiritual, Biblical, missions oriented, passionate, and prayerful.  

Please visit our home church located at...  
10059 Pleasant Renner Rd.,Goshen, OH 45122
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