Saturday, April 9, 2011

A great man and how he preached

[He] is a great preacher of the Word.  He is always forceful and clear, never excited, harsh or dictatorial.  He convinces, and draws men to the truth.  He puts in the sword, not as the smiting of an angry foe, but with the careful kindness of a determined surgeon, who will cut out the disease to save the patient.
So said H. C. Morrison of his co-worker Joseph H. Smith, a holiness great.  J. H. Smith helped lead many into heart holiness.  Some of the leading holiness preachers and educators of his day deemed Smith, "one of the greatest expositors of the English Bible in all the world."  Also interesting is that he was a self-taught man having attended neither college nor seminary and turned down honorary degrees three times in his life because he wanted nothing in the way of title that would seem to put him above the majority of his brethren. 
   -- From Lives of Spiritual Splendor by Anna Talbott McPherson

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