Wednesday, April 27, 2011

James Plank preaching at IHC right now, IV.

"Every lay person here, you are raising our future leaders."

"Laymen, THINK about the things you are doing in your home!"

"[With Samson little things quit mattering to him and] while Samson slept, they shaved his head, and the Spirit departed and he knew no different.
He lost his discernment and his power.
We dare not loose our God given power...we dare not loose the glory.  [Little things do matter!]"

Bro. Plank is concluding... "please, hold the line," he is saying.

"Reinforcements are coming, there is a new generation coming.  The young people will never fight for a cause [that you will not fight for.]"

"One comes on a white horse, our greatest reinforcement is coming..."

This is powerful!

"Most of all I want to get to heaven and hear, well done, thou good and faithful servant... amen."

I recommend that you get this message, folks, this was powerful.  Orders can be made here, or listen while it is still archived.  This has been making me want to spend more time in prayer and live oh so carefully.  Blessings on you, Phillip... listening to IHC, via Internet.

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