Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Mother!

To my dear mother Sherry,

I, along with Heather, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary, wish you a very happy birthday.  We are so glad that God gave you to us... or rather that God gave us to you (since you were here first)!  We are even more grateful that you are a Christian mother!  We hope that God gives you many more birthdays and each year is more blessed than the previous.  We all love you very much.  You are so special to us all.
Phillip and family

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Thank you, Phillip, for this kind and loving post you wrote for me from you and your family.
I was delighted when I saw and read it.
Too, the picture of beautiful flowers made me happy. I LOVE flowers, as I suppose you know.
I LOVE you and your family too. I am so grateful to have each of you in my life. I never dreamed how rewarding it would feel to be part of an extended family.
With love,
Mom D

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