Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are done, Done, DONE with our room!!

Sarah and I have worked on our room for FOREVER. But now we are DONE!!  So our room is interesting and colorful (because we have been in Latin America half of our lives), but we like it!  It is a mix of Colombian / American decor.

Our dresser.
Thank you Daddy for painting our mirror white!
We had fun shopping for our room.

This desk is not just any desk,
It's colorful and fun.
Like its owner, our sweet Sarah,
Who brings joy to everyone.
~written by Daddy and Mommy~
(Sarah wrote the following)
Thank you, Daddy and Mommy, for writing this poem for me; you are so SWEET   B-)
 Sarah's pencil holder.

Kimberly's desk.

Kimberly's bed.

Sarah's bed.
Our Grandma (& Grandpa) Dickinson bought us these lamps from IKEA.  Thank you!
When we got our curtains mommy said, "The style now is to have curtains that pop. Yours explode!"

Our chairs that our sweet parents bought us.
Kimberly and Sarah


Beth said...

I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!!!! Miss you all. can't wait to see you again some day:-)

Love Aunt Beth

Daryl Hausman said...

Fun!Fun!Fun! (trying to rhyme with your Done, done, done!) I'm NOT the poet that your Moma is... :)
Love you much, Aunt Laura

mmsbryan said...

Now, I am not a cousin but I loved taking a visit in your room. The post was so well done and I love your cheery room. Am I seeing a touch of "Better Homes." I was very interested to see which girl had Gramp and Mommy's talent to write in rhyme but it was DADDY AND MOMMY'S HAND! That's OK, Aunt Laura and I are still trying so there is hope for you. ;-) I would love a real visit in your room but how thankful we are for this technology to help this Gramp and Gram stand back and watch you as you grow in statue, abilities and Soul. I love you, Gram

PS Thoughtful of you to share a post of your room with your cousins.

Daryl Hausman said...

Love the room! So glad to get to see the pics! I like the colors of your quilts.
Love and miss y'all.

Rob and Deanna said...

Fun blog entry. Love the bright, cheery room! The fun desk accessories & colors, just MAKES a person WANT to study! ;-)

.......... said...

You girls are just like your momma when it comes to decorating! You did a fabulous job! ~Carla~

Bryanna Shirk said...

I love your room!!! It is soooooooo pretty!!! I love the bright colors!!!! I also think it was cool that your comforters match ,but are not the same!!! I am sure you had sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun decorating and working in there :) I really like your curtains!! Well, thank you sooooooooo much fro posting pics!! I loved seeing them!
miss you guys :(

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This cOlOrFul post started off with such a catchy title. I loved your done, Done, DONE!
The color theme of your bedroom is perfect! I love the mixture of matching bright colors. And I like Sarah's 'lines' on her bed pillows, and I like the circles on Kimberly's bed pillows.
I just saw a picture of Sarah cleaning this bedroom in a blog post from quite awhile back. Your room was quite baren and I am amazed at the difference between then and now.
I have a pretty curtain set which is lacking a panel to it. I see by your curtains that I could find another color of curtain to hang with that set. (Ha!) Seriously, I LOVE your curtains and their pretty colors which help coordinate your room.
You girls have been as busy as beavers while you've been decorating your room so pretty. I know you were just dying to post these finished room posts. And, if I had known about your upcoming surprise, I would have been dying to see it, too, because it was such an awesome surprise!
I must close this with lots of love to you girls, as I turn into a pumpkin about 9:00 PM, and here it is 12:00 midnight and I believe I've turned into 3 pumpkins since then!
Your Arizona Grandma

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