Thursday, June 23, 2011

Musicians: Feeding God's Sheep

*Reposted from first post on 1/13/08*
Church music is not about performance. Church music is not about performers. Church music is not about liking the music. Church music is about Christ! Church music is about the message of Christ. If we will lift up Christ, he will draw all men to himself. The Holy Spirit will break the "loaves and fish" of our music ministry and will feed a hungry multitude.

The reason some Church musicians are incessantly searching for new gimmicks in church music is that they are not filled with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they cannot feed. A Christian must be filled before he or she can feed God's sheep! Rather than throwing away our time-honored styles for church music, we as church musicians must experience spiritual renewal.

-Selected from Church Music Matters: A Music Philosophy in Christian Perspective by Garen L. Wolf I


H.O.P.E. said...

Phillip I really liked that. Thank you so much for sharing. This next week we will be shutting down for awhile due to our moving. We will let you know as soon as we are back up. Again thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

Do you mind if I use this? I would like to post a note of my FB page. Thanks, Becky

The Dickinsons said...

Sure, I would be honored for you to use it. Besides, it is not original with me. Thanks for commenting.

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