Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A refreshing time in a Peruvian home

A missionary friend graciously encouraged me to look up Marco while in Lima, Peru and gave me his phone number.  Marco years ago attended a Pilgrim church as a boy.  I spoke with Marco and Sabrina (his wife) by phone before meeting them in person, and after just talking to them, I told Pastor Jimmy, "I can tell that this is a very dear couple."  When I meet them in person I was not disappointed.
Jimmy, Marco and his family, and I
They invited us into their home twice for meals while we were in Lima.  They also asked us to have a worship service while we were in their home.  What a very precious family we found them to be!  Although I don't know that it would happen, I found myself thinking that it would be nice if God would allow us to live in Peru just long enough to be able to have some time to work with and teach this hungry couple.  They were filled with questions on how to have a Godly home.  They spoke of their desire to have a lot of children.  They have daily family prayer and Bible time.  Marco shared that he wanted to get involved in the ministry.  I saw love and order in their home.
Eating a delicious breakfast of fish, rice, and a spicy salad.
This is an ancient Peruvian sweet drink made with seeds which grow only between 3,000 and 4,000 meters altitude in the Andes.  I forget the name but it was delicious and they said that it is very nutritious.
This is Marco's dad, Marcos.
With the Presidential elections that Sunday morning the government forbade the churches to have services.  So we had a service that morning in the home before going to Pastor Luis' church that evening for a formal service.  (I plan to post on that soon.)
Pastor Jimmy preaching.
Marco invited several to their house for the service and we gathered and sang and prayed together.
They sang with gusto and attentively listened to the preaching.
Then after I led the singing of some hymns Jimmy preached while they listened attentively; one was crying while he was preaching.
Pastor Jimmy preaching; God really helped him.
We also gave them some good books on holiness to read.  Marco was happy and looked forward to reading them, for he wants to theologically prepare himself.  Twice Marco told me that the next time we are in Lima to please stay at his house.  (Speaking of their house, they've built it little by little while they live in it.  This isn't easy, but it avoids going into debt.)  The Lord willing, we hope to continue to reach out to this hungry couple in future trips to Peru.  Please pray for Marco and Sabrina and their children Marcos and Paloma.          


Sherry L Dickinson said...

This summary of your visit with Marco and his family is wonderful! I loved the description you gave of Marco's family's habits. It is very good to hear of people who want to grow as Christians, who keep an orderly home, and who are so hospitable to other Christians.
It is delightful to hear of this family in Lima, Peru, who is interested in serving Jesus. You certainly made a good contact when you visited with this young couple and their childen.
Love, Mom

Beth said...

What a delight to read your blog this morning and "hear" about these Christian Peruvian families who are seeking the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

Could the tea have been made from quinoa (keen-ya)? We eat quinoa from time to time "for our health". =)

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