Saturday, June 4, 2011

~Come before His presence with Singing...~

I love it that our children like to help in the church in any way they can.  We love singing together, playing together, and worshipping God together using the talents He has given us....for HIS GLORY!
~Jimmy, Sarah, and Gaby singing the hymns in church.~
Psalm 100:2 says,
"Serve the Lord with gladness: Come before His presence with singing!"
The church here in Colombia...believes in and practices the "Come before His presence with SINGING" part! ~Here...Bro. Jimmy, Kimberly, and I singing (and I'm playing) during our 45-60 min. song service.  Yes, you read that right!  We normally WORSHIP God by singing about 10 hymns, then someone reads Scripture, then we  sing about 5 more hymns...All this time we are STANDING! =) (Well, they are...for I get to sit down and play the piano.=) ~
~Bro. Jimmy, Kimberly, Natalie, and Sis. Farly singing.~
~Kimberly and Sarah playing their violins, and yours truly at the piano during a song service.~

May God help us all to WORSHIP HIM for who HE IS!!  Have a wonderful LORD'S DAY tomorrow. =)


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Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am grateful that your family is helping the Colombian people have good uplifting music to enjoy. I know they are grateful also. Smile. Love, Mom D

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