Saturday, June 25, 2011

A family worthy of our prayer and service in Peru!

 Some months ago Colombia's national pastor Jimmy Ramirez received an e-mail from a minister in Peru named Luis.  Pastor Luis wanted to know if he could become a part of the Christian Nation Church.  After some weeks of discussion and prayer we felt clear to make the trip to Peru to get to know this pastor and his dear family.  This post outlines our observances and plan of action with them, as God wills.

Luis & Navidad and their children
They reminded me of some of the fiery holiness church people I know:
*Earnest preaching.
*Earnest singing.
*Pioneer mentality -- digging out new works.

Luis & his wife visiting before the first service of a new work they are opening an hour away.  More on this in a later post.

*Very careful in external standards and not afraid to talk about it.
*Strong on giving clear fiery testimony of what God did when he saved them.
These are all things that I want our people to be exposed to.
*They feel alone and very lonely.
*Children and wife need others of like minded faith to show they care.
*They have some precious children with a lot of potential, the daughter especially seems to have a very good heart.
*They want to work with us.
Other points:
*They have some points where they need instruction in doctrine.
*We do not know each other well yet.
*Serving Peru and them will take more money.  But God will provide for us to do what He wants.
Course of action:
*We left good holiness books and asked that they read them, and then if they still want to be a part of our church to let us know and we might be able to work from there.

Pastor Luis & family receiving a bunch of holiness books we brought them.
*Pastor Jimmy reminded me that others here in Colombia also had a lot of blind spots but that as we have worked together, God is opening eyes and changing people in so many ways.  Dress issues, Jewelry, Keeping the Lord's Day holy, Opinion on Tongues, Music, etc.  Pastor Luis is already in agreement with us on most doctrinal issues.  When he read our church doctrine and manual he said that this is what he has preached for many years and because he believes this way he has to work alone there in Peru.
*As God wills, we plan to continue trips to Peru to help encourage them (and other worthy contacts), support them in the right paths, serve them however possible, and encourage their children that they are not alone and to continue in the old paths.
*They are doing a good work and we want to serve God's servants.

Soon in a future post I want to show more pictures of their work and what we did with them while there in Peru.
Stay tuned,

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