Sunday, June 5, 2011

A "chance meeting" or a miracle?

Before leaving for Peru Phillip had told me that one couple he WANTED to see while there was Bryon and Michele Fling who are missionaries in Peru! 
Here is a paragraph that Phillip sent to me from Peru last Friday.

Dearest Heather and children,
Luis and his family took us to find an ATM and a closer hotel in Lima, Peru.  As we were crossing a parking lot (as a short cut that Bro. Luis never uses) we saw another beautiful holiness family.  I instantly recognized Bryon and Michelle Fling after not seeing them for 9 years.  They instantly recognized me and I yelled with delight.  Heather, I was hoping to contact them to see them while here in Lima.  But they don´t even live in Lima as I had thought, but 12 whole hours away in Chiclayo where they are the directors of the Bible School there.  They just¨"happened" to be in Lima. They came to complete their adoption papers with their new little boy (another miracle).  Out of a city of nearly 9 million people what chance is there of several from a different country meeting up with another holiness family who live a day´s drive away.  Pastor Jimmy and Pastor Luis and his family were delighted to get to know them.  They were to leave Lima by bus in a couple of hours or so but we visited in the parking lot for a good while.

Much, Much Love,

Isn't that JUST LIKE OUR JESUS to help Phillip and the Flings meet up?  God is Awesome!!!!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

A wonderful report on Phillip's visit to Peru. I am anxious to hear more of what all he found out while there (besides that Peru's rotisserie chicken is even better than Colombia's. Smile.).
Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much our God cares about EVERY detail in our lives. I know seeing Phillip there in Lima had to be sooooooo encouraging to those missionaries too! God is amazingly Wonderful to us all!!!
Blessings and our prayers are with you all there!
Your sister,

Moyo_Mama said...

We are co-workers with the Flings, and they told us of their excitement to meet Phillip in Lima. God is so good, and able to work out every detail of our lives.

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