Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arriving in Lima, Peru

Praise the Lord!  Our trip into Peru was a success!  Lord willing I will be putting up some posts about the trip.  We'll start with this post and include some neat pictures of historic Lima.  The only good pictures we took of the Andes were from the plane since we didn't get very far out of Lima. 
~In this picture you see the snow capped Andes in June with some blue lakes beyond them.~   
~More snow capped Andean mountains in the distance.~
~Here we are descending toward Lima, so you see the Pacific.  Lima is a coastal city of about 9 million people in the greater metropolitan area.  We saw the ocean a few times, but only from a distance, because we stayed too busy.~
~One of the government buildings in historic Lima.  The Peruvian flag reminded me of the Canadian flag but in place of a maple leaf was some type of a coat of arms.~
~This plaza was a half a block from our first hotel.  The next day we went looking for another hotel and found one closer to our points of ministry to save on transportation costs.~ 
~Plaza Militar (Military Plaza) or Plaza de las Flores (Plaza of the Flowers) from a distance.  Actually I was trying to get a picture of the ever present three wheeled motorcycle cargo hauler.  I'm sure that that isn't really the name, but it's what I'm calling it for you.  Here a lady is getting a ride, but I noticed them hauling lots of bags of potatoes.  From what I am told, Peru is the origin of potatoes in the world and has hundreds of varieties. I believe it, for we saw a lot of cheap but delicious potatoes there.  And around Lima, the Andean foothills reminded me of the smooth rolling hilly mountains of Idaho, where we in the USA grow our own potatoes.~
~This was the  hotel room that we ended up with -- two beds, a closet, a table, what they called a "sanitary hygienic room," and a nice window -- simple but clean and economic.  It was just like God to give us a hotel at the intersection of the two roads which would take us directly to our different contacts with only one bus each.  Pastor Jimmy and I had some great talks about the Lord and some good times of prayer at this hotel.  It was here we tried to prepare for preaching too.~   
Soon I will try to post more of the ministry side of our trip as well as try to articulate more of the immediate blessings that has come from this trip.  Thank you for praying for the trip.  Stay tuned for more, Phillip


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved the pictures. Beautiful mountains! It reminds me somewhat of Europe, except the palm trees!

Beth said...

Thank you for posting. We will look forward to the upcoming posts. We are glad Melanie gets to be with your family at this time, and pray God uses her in others' lives and to be a blessing to you guys too. =)

Angie @ said...

Beautiful Nature pictures. Just found your blog.
Come visit me

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