Saturday, June 18, 2011

A tribute to my 2 special dads! Plus a challenge to us dads.

*This post was first posted on my blog on 6/16/07 and re-posted today with some minor changes.  The last paragraph was first published several years ago in our mission newsletter Dickinson Update.  Our mission newsletter is free to all who want it.*
My father-in-law Edgar A. Bryan and I discussing something in Canada.

I do not claim to have all the answers when it comes to fathering. But number one, the Word of God is a never failing source of wisdom for us fathers. Number two, I have two delightful examples for me to happily follow. I am so blessed to have a wonderful father-in-law. I couldn't have married a wife with a better dad. He is disciplined. He is conscientious. He studies the Word of God and is a thinker.  He is prayerful and sober.  He inspires me to be a better Christian.  And he treats me like his own son.
I know my blood dad even better (I have known him for 37 years) and I am not in the least bit disappointed by his life. I have seen him go through the fire many times and he is always coming through as pure gold. He loves God's Word, he loves to obey God, and he loves us too.  He is as steady as a rock and is harder than a rock when it comes to work -- he has always done the work of three men.  Please pray for my dad; he has been feeling sick and weak.  Thinking about my Daddy makes me want to draw closer to Jesus and seek His face more.  I wrote more here about what my dad did right.

My father Bud (Phillip Dean) Dickinson, Noah, and I having a special time together in Arizona.

Over and over I am challenged and convicted to be a better man by watching the lives of my two holy dads. They are ever learners, they use wisdom, are great husbands and grandfathers, have class, are Godly, and are delightful to be around.  Thank you, God, you could not have given me better dads, nor dads with whom I would have been happier. I am blessed, satisfied, and thankful. I treasure the friendship of my fathers and honor both of you from my heart.
Perhaps one of the greatest sacrifices for me in being a missionary (if I could say that such an honor from God is a sacrifice) is that knowing that God is still giving my dear fathers (and mothers) life and I and my family are not able to be around to enjoy and learn from these great lives.  God comforts me with the hope that they might live until after we have to come home the USA again someday and with the even greater Hope of Heaven.  Praise God for this precious hope and promise to us who believe God's promises.  Heaven -- where we will never again have to part and will always joy in being together. 

Noah and I playing in a park in Colombia

Elijah and I sharing a snow cone in a park in Colombia
Raising Godly children is a Spiritual exercise.  Aside from God we have not the wisdom, and then all is lost. But God cannot give wisdom unless we delightfully do all of His will. Yet it takes more than 2 works of grace and a prayer for wisdom to be a success. Through DESIRE a man separates himself, seeks, and intermeddles with all wisdom. (Proverbs 18:1)  One would not build a house without first pursuing knowledge. But it takes a PASSION for seeking and applying wisdom to raise up Godly foundations. God knew that Abraham had this. "I know that he will command his children after him." (Genesis 18:19)  Hours. No, years, dad who had long yearned for an Isaac, spent time talking, teaching, and training.  He must have lived Deuteronomy 6:5,7. Dad, flee all other interests except to take God up on His promise (Proverbs 22:6), give your time, and TRAIN them!  Seek out what this means and do it.  In this we will see revival and our missionary activity prosper. When the hearts of Fathers turn to the children the curse will lift. -Mal 4:6


The Dickinsons said...



Beth said...

Happy Fathers Day To all 3! You all are good dad's


Gayle said...

Happy Father's Day Phillip!
Enjoy reading your posts!
Thank you for praying for us!
Sis E

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear kind & beautiful son Phillip- thank you for this wonderful tribute to your dad. Dad & I read it together & felt so appreciative of having a grateful son as you are. May God keep & guide you always. Love, Mom & Dad Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Dear Phillip,
That was a precious blog to your Dads. I know one of those Daddy's really well and think lots of your dad too. God bless you as you strive to be the father that your Heavenly Father would have you to be. You are a wonderful brother-in-law! Thanks for loving my sister unconditionally and your children too and for serving Jesus with your WHOLE HEART> Blessings and much Love, Daryl & Laura, RO

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