Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who said WE had to get out of bed??

It is SATURDAY. (roll over)  This time we get to sleep in! (yawn)  We feel VERY lazy. (UGHH!)  Then Elijah comes downstairs and says (and I quote), "MiMi, wake up." (bad breath)  So Sarah goes and asks Mommy if we have to get up. Yes, unfortunately we have to wake up.  But that is okay because we don't need to be lazy.  Sarah and I get ready to make breakfast for a gift to Mommy for Mother's Day since she has to do something else.  So we go downstairs and start making Soppy Chocolate.  (You can go to one of Mommy's OOLLLD posts to get the recipe)  Mommy ends up helping us. ;-)

Mary really enjoyed it!
- by Kimberly and Sarah


........... said...

MMMM looks soo yummy! I love your picture of Mary's approval! So cute! ~Carla~

mmsbryan said...

My but you two are brave to attempt such a breakfast, and thoughtful too! So glad that Mommy has taught you from "little bitty" to help in the kitchen. I remember Mommy handing, you Kimberly a knife at age two and you cutting up the strawberries for her) This Gram about had to go into a session of "fasting and praying for your very life) ;-) You girls will be good cooks someday in homes of your own. I am sure that Daddy and Mommy does not think that time will ever come but keep practicing for it will.;-)
I love and miss you both. Gram

Baby Mary is a delight with that big chocolate smile!

Daryl Hausman said...

Cute picture of Mary!!!! ;)
Soppy Chocolate looks DELICIOUS!!!
Love you all,

Daryl Hausman said...

Way to go, girls! Makes our mouths water! Oh, you MUST give that sweet Mary and "Aunt Laura style hug!" You know and REALLY tight squeeze!:)
miss you, A. Laura

Bryanna Shirk said...

Looks VERY yummy!!!!!!!!!! I love the pic of Mary!!!!
miss you guys :(

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