Monday, May 16, 2011

Have little to offer God? There's hope for you!

 In God’s kingdom there are some with five talents, some with two talents, and some with one talent.  When it comes to accomplishing a task, God can take one with less intelligence, less abilities, and less potential but one who is wholly given over to God and then God makes up what that person lacks and uses him in mighty ways.  For an average man plus God, becomes a mighty man.  In light of this, does this mean we should disregard self preparation?  God forbid.  Should John Wesley have thrown out rigorous study, work, and prayer because God uses unlettered hillbilly preachers?  Should have a barefoot boy carrying a slingshot later disregarded kingly conduct and royal planning with the priest, his counselors, and his generals, because God once used him as a boy David?  No.  God uses us as we are as long as our heart is perfect before Him, but we should always strive to grow and prepare ourselves for greater service yet.  God wants perfect hearts, He wants them to strive to achieve in His will, and He wants to make them leaders.  I must worry about being perfect before God and about doing what He wants, and He will use me as His tool as He sees best.  But let's give God the sharpest tool possible.
~ by Phillip Dickinson

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