Saturday, May 21, 2011

~Our family ministry day~

~Last Tuesday our family decided to take a family trip up to visit the ACE school in Paraiso where Jimmy and Farly are giving their lives to educate these dear children. Our first 2 years here in Colombia we had a church in Paraiso. So, our children have A LOT of memories riding the buses an hour up the mountain to church and bouncing back down in a bus. =)  Here we are on a mountain in Paraiso overlooking Bogota.~
~Bro. Jimmy is introducing the students to us.~
~Some of the students.  A lot of these children have only one parent or no parents who can care for them.  (Some of them have parents, but they are out of the home a lot of the time.)  Some of these kids have to cook their own meals, get themselves ready each day, etc.~
~We bought a yogurt and a roll to give to each child.  Kimberly and Sarah are passing them out.~
~Edgar was up there working on the computers.~
~One of the students enjoying his snack.~
~Bro. Jimmy asked Phillip to give a devotional.  He tried to challenge these students with stories of young people in the Bible that didn't look like they had much hope, but God used them in a mighty way.  (Daniel, Esther, the 3 Hebrew children, Joseph, and Moses [after he was taken from his parents].)~
~Sis. Farly surprised us and had made "Rice with chicken" (Arroz con pollo) for our lunch.  It was delicious!~
~Kimberly teaching the students English.  Jimmy and Farly teach the students a lot of the principles of English but they wanted Kimberly to go over the pronunciation of English.~
~Phillip snapped this picture as we were leaving the school.~
~Our kids going home on the bus.~
~We adults going home on the bouncy bus.  It was a profitable day and we enjoyed getting to see the students.  We are praying for these dear children...(and for Jimmy and Farly as they minister to them)...could you join us?  These children know of sadness like we have never known...but Jesus loves them and can use their lives for Him!~

~By Heather~


Daryl Hausman said...

So glad you all got to go. Loved seeing the pictures! (especially Kimberly) ;)
Love you all,

lila said...

That is so neat you all got to go visit the school. It would be nice if you could be there everyday. We will pray for the work there. love the pics

Bryanna Shirk said...

I will be praying for the kids at the school.
I was excited to see the pics of your family!! I really miss you guys!!!

Daryl Hausman said...

dumb question... but who's holdin sweet Mary? Did you all forget her? :) I know she has to be there somewhere... but I couldn't find her in either pic that you posted and missed seein her smilin/or sleepin face! Glad to see a pics of "Berly" though! ;) love ya
Aunt Laura
Blessings on your ministry there. May God take the seeds that are being planted and water them for His glory, give strength to all who labor there!

The Dickinsons said...

Good question, Aunt Laura. In our first pic overlooking Bogota Mary is in the stroller. In the pic where Phillip is speaking Farly is holding her. In the pic outside the school, Mary is in the stroller again. In the pic in the bus...she was sleeping in the stroller which Phillip had propped up and we didn't realize that she didn't get in the picture. =)

........... said...

Won't the stories Heaven shows be exciting-to see what God does with these lil lives. Thank you for your faithfulness. Love, Carla

jemilyea said...

Very glad you posted this; I had forgotten about this ACE school. What are the round things cooked with the rice and chicken? Carrots? It looks like slices of hotdogs, but I doubt that's what it is!

The Dickinsons said...

The round things are what they call "sausages" but like you said...what we would call hotdogs. They like these in lots of things...and it helps make their food stretch. =) This Rice with chicken was delicious. Thanks for your nice comment...we have love hearing from everyone that has commented on our blogs! =)

Beth said...

So glad you guys got to go on this trip to Paraiso. Thank you for sharing this day in your lives with us! May God be with this school, the kids, and with Jimmy and Farly.

rouda48 said...

hello, I will try this. ha. It was nice to see the pictures and to hear of the small children. We will try to remember them. love, a. carole

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