Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Colombian visa situation. Thx 4 praying.

Thank you for your prayers.  My day at the office went well.  I found out that I was facing a $225.00 fine due to us following the faulty advise of another government worker.  But as soon as the man helping me found out that I was a minister and Christian he reduced it to $125.00.  He also gave me his and his wife's number (she has a business which helps foreigners get their visas) and told me to call if I need help with getting our family's visas renewed.  Praise God!  In the next 3 weeks I have to renew all of our visas.  This is more cost (nearly $1,000.00 if all goes well) and trouble than I like to deal with.  But we will do our best, we all will pray, and whatever happens we'll take as God's will.  Keep praying.

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SO thankful for how the Lord provides. We will continue praying. ~Carla~

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