Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Jeremiah

We are getting texts from my brother Michael updating us on baby Jeremiah and mommy Beth.  I asked if we can share news; I know that this reminds us to pray.  Last night Michael said, "Beth finally got to go back and see Jeremiah for a bit, she's very happy!  Jeremiah just slept, he's worn out, had a stressful day!"

This morning Michael wrote, "Jeremiah is still in NICU, but since Beth is feeling better somewhat, and is more mobile, she gets to be with him a lot more today!  Makes us HAPPY!"  "Big" brother Isaiah got to see his little brother Jeremiah and was pleased with that.  We laughed at Michael's joke that their next son will be named Lamentations.  Thanks for praying for them. 

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Daryl Hausman said...

Praying for baby Jeremiah and family!
The Hausmans~

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