Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scouting trip into Argentina

After an all night flight I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on a Tuesday. What a huge metropolis -- around 13 million souls!

One site ranks Buenos Aires as the 10th most populated urban area in the world, another site at 15th. I didn't return home until a week later, so I had plenty of time to walk the streets, pray, and to try to learn about this mission field. I had the honor of sharing in one church and preaching in another on my only Sunday there. I was able to pass out tracts, witness, and make some good contacts. God let me meet a dear preacher and his family who are trying to plant a church in a poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires. They want to study in the classes that we have been offering to those here in Colombia and plan to offer in Argentina. I also made the three and a half hour trip into Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. In both countries I saw a dearth of good churches and as far as I know there is an absence of any holiness churches who would be happy to identify with our preaching of heart holiness.

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Wow, Phillip! Seeing this picture, and reading your comments about this mission field, sure makes me wish I could go to Argentina with you for a visit. It is wonderful that you were able to survey this country before heading back to the States.
The world is such a vast and ripe harvest field; and the fruit is rotting for want of workers.
I hope and pray that Jesus will help you in your endeavors in that area of South America.
Mom D

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