Sunday, June 6, 2010


The other day while at church I was playing my violin and I had to put my case in the middle of the floor. (this was after church) Well I looked down and Elijah was IN my case and broke it!!!! Jesus made him cute so that we wouldn't shoot him. Smile!! We do love him dearly. He keeps life exiting!!

post by Kimberly


Emily said...

Thankfully your violin wasn't in there when he sat in the case!

Emily Albertson

Daryl Hausman said...

Dear Kimberly,
He is too cute!
I am sorry about your case though, that is terrible! :(
Love and miss you tons,
Your cousin,

sherryldickinson said...

Sweetheart Kimberly,
I just wrote a long comment on here to you about your little brother, Why-ja, and then, somehow it got erased!
Anyway, you are one dolly of a big sister, and Why-ja is one busy little mess-maker...and I love both of you, Dearly!
This post about your broken violin case was sad but when I saw goofy Why-ja sitting in your violin case, it made me smile. What on earth are we going to do with that smallest brother of yours?!!!!!!!!
I love you, Kimberly!
Grandma D in Arizona

~Regina~ said...

So sorry to hear that your violin case broke! :( I have a similar picture of my oldest son sitting in a violin case. Thankfully, it didn't break!! :) I'm glad your violin wasn't in your case when Elijah climbed in!! He is too cute and you are a wonderful big sister to him!

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