Sunday, July 11, 2010

*Kooking in the Kitchen with Kimberly*

"Blueberry Kiss"
1 cup fresh or frozen blue berries (thawed)
1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream
1 Tablespoon sugar or other sweetener, to taste
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup ice cubes
Throw all the ingredients into the blender and blend up good!! (from VITA MIX RECIPE book)

I've made this recipe at least two times. Mine is different though because we can't find blueberries here so we use a berry named agras. We think agras is black currant.

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Kim M. said...


Daryl Hausman said...

Your recipe sounds very delicious!
We love and miss you and can't wait to see you.
Your cousin,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Grandpa D loves blueberries, so I'll make one of these for him. Then, he will be SO HAPPY and give me a big smile with his green teeth. (Blue and yellow makes green! Ha!)
Grandma D in Phoenix

Emily said...

Sounds good! I might try it sometime soon!
Emily A

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