Friday, March 12, 2010

Quotes from T.M. Anderson II

From chapter “A Manifestation Of God In Answer To Prayer” in Prayer Availeth Much.

“…When they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” – Acts 4:31 [the whole chapter is alluded to]

“We cannot ignore the fact that we desperately need a startling manifestation of God to shake us out of our spiritual lethargy and selfish complacency. We cannot substitute a program for power and have the least semblance of hope that the unsaved will be attracted by it.”

“[They had not] the slightest intention of compromising the truth in order to have favor with men. They did not call a meeting of the official board to discuss ways and means of evading the fundamental issues involved. They did not take refuge in a stupifying pessimism saying that nothing could be done to remedy the situation confronting them. Neither did they deceive themselves by saying that things would work out satisfactorily to all parties concerned. There were willing to accept the conflict that challenged their faith and hope in God. They did the most natural thing in the sight of the Lord when they assembled together with one accord in prayer.”

“Unless the believers … today have their spiritual strength replenished repeatedly by the Spirit they will not be able to overcome the increasing power of spiritual wickedness threatening them today. The church cannot cope with the menacing threat of worldliness except the company of believers pray for power to meet the insidious threat.”

“It will require much prayer to prevail against the creeping paralysis resulting from meaningless programs and pointless plays promoted by the worldly-minded leaders in the church … in this day of formality and unbelief.”

“God did not answer their impassioned prayer in the hour of crisis by miraculously changing the attitude of the determined opposition. He did not remove the threat which endangered them, neither did He destroy the ring-leaders responsible for the persecution of the church. It is interesting to note that the company of believers did not ask the Lord to change the attitude of their enemies.”

“They accepted the fact that such persecution had been foreseen... ‘The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.’ – Acts 4:25 & Psalm 2 [Bold mine to show why Christians and politics don’t usually mix very easily. -pdd] The Lord would have us understand that suffering persecution for His sake is the price to be paid in the blood and tears for the unspeakable pleasure of serving Him in the holy way of life.”

“Our young people should be impressed with the fact that they cannot expect the Lord to change the attitude of their unsaved friends. When once the young converts discover this truth they will not find it difficult to overcome the hardships of life. Pastors find it difficult to get the young people established in the faith because they apparently believe that God should change their environment in answer to prayer. It is apparently difficult for them to understand that a change in their surroundings is not the solution of their spiritual problems. It is likewise true that a change in the moral conditions which environ the church today is not the solution of its spiritual problem.”

“The…believers found the solution of their problems when they lifted up their voice with one accord in prayer to God.”

“The embattled believers were praying with an unwavering faith when they said, “Lord, thou art God… It is remarkable how impotent and insignificant the feeble efforts of wicked men appear when we realize that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Ps. 46:1)

“When we fortify our faith … with the words, ‘Lord, thou art God,’ we can prevail in prayer and overcome the combined forces of evil which threaten us in these trying times. Almighty God will not abandon His eternal purpose because a few wicked men have lifted up their voices against Him.”

“It does not require moral courage to promote a program to entertain a group of nominal Christians. Neither does it require courage to give a book review, or speak on current events; but it does require boldness to press the claims of Christ on men, and command that they repent of their sins and yield themselves to Him.”

“It does not require spiritual fortitude to organize a campaign to raise money for the general interests of the church; but it does take much prayer and faithful preaching to precipitate a genuine revival of full salvation.”

“It is not unusual to hear some ministers say they are so burdened with the work of the church that they have very little time to spend in earnest prayer. The results of his neglect of prayer will be revealed by the poverty of his preaching. God’s servants should consider that nothing pertaining to the church of Christ is more important than waiting before the Lord in the secret place of prayer.”

“I am persuaded to believe that the professing Christians would see more miracles of healings performed by the hand of Jesus if they would spend more time in earnest prayer for the messengers of the Gospel.” -posted by Phillip


kira said...

I have been struggling with my devotions recently and it was great to read your quotes ,it has put me back on my focus - God .

Thank you Phillip .

Anonymous said...

May God open our eyes to the Power of prayer. Let us pray for the healing of the church. Then the other needs of life will fall in line. Thank you Phillip for sharing such a rich reminder to pray. Love, Moma

sherryldickinson said...

Dear Phillip,
I was so happy to see one of 'your' posts again. As usual, it is thought provoking and a goad to action. Oh, that God would help us to do what we should to see His kingdom go forward.
I absolutely LOVE this Dickinson Journey blog. It is delightful hearing from each of your family members. (I still enjoy Heather's blog too! :-)

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