Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Fundays" (as Noah calls them) or Mondays are our family days. We either go somewhere or just stay home and have fun together. Here we are on one of our family days at a park that has a place to skate. (Mommy was walking around with Elijah for some exercise for her and baby)Sarah
Kimberly (or me)
The two prophets
And Wijah (he is our precious boy who is always getting into EVERYTHING so we call him Wijah like, "Why'd ya do that?")
:D *Posted by Kimberly*


Janet said...

Very fun post! I like Wijah's name!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun!!!! Everybody looks so cute! Love you guys bunches! Brittany

Anonymous said...

Neat post, Kimberly. It was fun spending a "funday" with your family. Next time we come see you perhaps you can take Gramp and I for a slide on that big one down the mountain. I was afraid that Gramp would not get stopped. ;-) Trust your time with Natasha is special. Love, Gram

sherryldickinson said...

Hi Kimberly! The more posts you think of, the happier I am because it means more pictures, and more interesting things to read about your lives in Colombia.
You are learning, and you are doing so many things for a girl your age. You certainly are taking advantage of all the oportunities coming your way. You are a busy, Busy, BUSY girl!
Oh, how I love you!
Grandma D in Arizona

Bryanna Shirk said...

What you said about Elijah's nickname is EXACTLY right!! But he is a sweetheart!!!!!

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