Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~Having fun with teeth~

~I'm so glad that Jesus sent me a brother. We surely have a lot of fun playing together.
Elijah and I got "new teeth". So, here is a picture of my plastic teeth (or tooth =).~~And here's a picture of Elijah and his teeth. =)~
I hope you liked our pictures.
Posted by Noah!


kira said...

awesome picturs Noah , so glad you have Elijah to make special memories with .

Anonymous said...

Dear Noah,
Your "new teeth" are SO cool!! ;)
We love you all lots!
Love your cousin,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Noah, Your Mommy needs to get you and Elijah to a dentist right away! Your teeth were not that bad shape when we put you on that plane, what in the world happened??????
I think that you two should eat more carrots. Looks like you are having fun, I love and miss you both. Gram

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, Noah! I can't wait to see you again.I love you all bunches! Love, Brittany

sherryldickinson said...

Noah, Your one tooth 'old yeller' is not flattering to your face.

And, "I can't believe Elijah's teeth are not butter!"

This was a fun post, Noah. I love reading you and your family's blog.

Grandma D

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