Friday, July 8, 2011

Where we are at on our Colombian visas

Praise the Lord!  Several days now we have been across town working on our visas.

Here we are at a park doing some last minute paperwork.
Today the lady said that she is going to grant our visas.  There were several issues, some unavoidable, yet she is going much beyond the call of duty to work with us.  This is not the norm.  By the way her name is Diana and she asks for prayer.  She would have granted us our visas today but I didn't have the money with me and she can't give it to us until it is paid in full -- about $1,400 for 2 years of living in Colombia.  This had to come out of our Argentina budget.  I had forgotten how much it was, and I don't carry that kind of money around.  But we are so happy for this progress, for they don't have to grant us permission to live in Colombia.  And a lot of work has gone into this with the help of others.  God is so good!  I'm supposed to go back Monday and pay the balance and receive our visas!  Praise God!

Kimberly and Melanie relaxing while we did paperwork.
Noah and Elijah playing on the playground while waiting.  Somehow I can't find a picture of Sarah and Mary with us at the park.
Just before going in to have our paperwork examined
Please pray that these visas come through as promised.  Thanks,

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

This is a wonderful post! I will write Diana's name in my book of prayer requests, and do my best to remember her in prayer when I can. How kind of her to help you so much!
This was a fun post to look at! The pictures are big and clear and the pictures tell so much that we wouldn't know, if it wasn't for them.
Dad and I are anxious to hear any details about your upcoming move to Argentina. I realize your entire life seems to run on 'fast forward', so you don't have as much time as you need to cover all your bases. If I was in your shoes, at the speed (?) I go, I would still be in Cincinnati in your Bodmann house trying to get things ready to start the remodeling. Just call me Speedy Gonzales! Love, Mom

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