Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last week during the classes on Holiness...

Last week during the classes on Holiness...The Lord really gave us a week of feasting on His Word and In His Presence.  The Lord really helped Bro. Daryl as he spoke Sunday, July 17th, and then as he taught classes on Holiness for 6 hours each day from Monday-Thursday.  The Lord helped Bro. Alberto as he preached on Tuesday night.  And the Lord helped Bro. Rigoberto as he preached this last Sunday.  We thank the Lord for His help, and His Sweet presence.  Thank you, Dear Jesus, for changing lives in a special way this past week!

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

It is wonderful that you took the time and spent the strength to have this time of studying about Holiness. It sounds like it was a profitable time for all.
The act of being sanctified and living a life of Holiness is the stablizing factor in a Christian's life. And, I realize that is your goal for the men who are serving God in Colombia.
I am delighted to hear that God is answering prayer and raising up sanctified nationals to labor for him there.
Love, Mom D

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