Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pics & video of our time in Peru

Here are a few more pics of our trip to Peru.  To read the previous posts click here.  Here Pastor Jimmy preached in a house service.  Downstairs they worked with fish (the cleaning not the cooking aspect) so imagine a rank odor filling the air as you look at these pictures.  Pastor Luis and his wife Natividad have been trying to point them to Christ.
Some of the people seemed hungry for Christ.  I found out later that among the people there was a drunkard and two people with AIDS.  What a privilege to point them all to Christ, the only one who can save them from their sins.
Another day, we went to Pachacute, a poor village outside of Lima, about an hour from Pastor Luis's house.  We took three different vehicles to get there.  I thought that these three wheeled taxis were pretty nifty.  After our two taxi rides we ended up taking a couple to get here on the last leg of the "journey."
Here we are in one such 3 wheeled taxi looking out at Pastor Luis and another taxi.
We arrived at Pachacute.  Notice the sand everywhere and the ocean in the background a few kilometers away.  No, we didn't take the time to go to the ocean while in Peru. 
We finally arrived at the just-built lean-to that was going to be the first service here.  No door, open gables, roof soon to sealed by laying a tarp over it, two light bulbs wired to a plug, sand floors and some bricks and boards to sit on made us just as happy as if we were in a cathedral.  Someday as the church takes off and the people get a vision, things get fixed up more.  But for now it doesn't look too out of place with the other poor shacks around there. 
 The first half of the service was singing led by Pastor Luis's wife Natividad.  Her voice carried well.  Good thing too because many didn't know the songs yet.  Between the songs Sis. Natividad gave some excellent exhortations along with a clear testimony of how God saved her from her sins.  This video clip shows them singing.

 Pastor Luis here is addressing the people.  And later he preached with fervor.

Pastor Luis gave me the opportunity to exhort the people to seek after Christ before he preached.  Notice that darkness has settled in.
Sunday was our last full day in Peru.  Pastor Luis gave me the opportunity to preach this Sunday in his church.  God led me to preach and use my testimony emphasizing salvation from sin and heart holiness.
God blessed the time with  a precious sense of His presence.  Different ones were weeping and seeking after God.  Afterward different ones gave their testimony.
Please pray for these different ones in Peru.  Pray that God will establish His holy kingdom there.  Pray that God will give us wisdom and holy fruit in working in Peru.


Daryl Hausman said...

Praying for you all Phillip. God's blessing to rest upon you and His precious presence to guide you and grant you the wisdom needed for each new task!
The Hausmans

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a priviledge that you were able to mingle with and minister to these Peruvian people. I hope they realized that God is real, and I hope they felt his moving in their hearts.
Bless your dear Heather for holding the fort while you were away from her and the children.
Love, Mom D

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