Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Popular Exposition of Methodist Theology

First part of February I finished A Popular Exposition of Methodist Theology by Charles O. Eldridge. Don't let the name bore you. Eldridge stimulated my thinking and highly edified me spiritually in a simple but eloquent way. I do plan on reading this book again. This book is a perfect introduction to sound theology and has been reprinted by Schmul Publishing Co., Inc. Good thing because the original was published in 1899. Here are some quotes from this book with likely more to come:

"Prevenient grace," i.e. the grace which comes before we ask for it. p 41

If we welcome this light, its brightness increases; if we turn from it, the darkness deepens: so the condition of each accounts with his treatment of the grace he has received. This accounts for the great difference observable between sinners, as well as for the degrees of life and power among believers. p 41-42

Those who reject the sin of the first Adam and embrace the righteousness of the Second Adam find in Him "more riches than their father lost."

[In part] sin is failing to respond fully to the divine command …as when the archer has taken a faulty aim, or not drawn his bow with sufficient strength. p 48

Perfect holiness implies a full and hearty agreement of the human nature and will with the divine. It is not mere submission. It is the... hearty co-operation with, the whole will of God: not only once for all, as in the great decisive experiences of conversion and entire sanctification, but day by day in all the ordinary affairs of life. Thus the will is constantly gaining strength through its activity side by side with the divine will. p 49

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