Sunday, March 6, 2011

~A Kimberly Quote!~

Back in 2004 when we told our Kimberly that we were called to go to Colombia as missionaries she was only 6. She was going to have to say goodbye to both sets of Grandparents (Who attended our church), and her beloved puppy, Bridget. One day she was VERY SAD and told me that God hadn't called HER but us to the mission field, so she would stay in AZ with Bridget and Grandma. =) But now 7 years later she's glad that she came too!


kira said...

Awe sweet girl !

It must have been a hard decision to leave your grandparents and Bridget but i bet you are so happy you did now .

It really is an opputunity of a life time ! Serving Jesus in a new country and travlling so much .

how fun !
Blessings .

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Well, I had typed a loong comment here. All of my heart's love and 'infection' had been poured into that comment. But I accidentally hit a key on the keyboard and just that fast, my lengthy comment went Bye-bye!
I can't do it over again!
How I LOVE grandchildren!
Grandma D

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