Saturday, May 23, 2015

21 Signs of a Healthy Christian and Church

I weld influence by prayer and fasting, speaking the truth in love, and personal strict obedience to God's law, rather than by control though intimidation, clique techniques, and manipulation.

I prefer to spend my time and resources on seeing souls saved and perfected, rather than recruiting Christians to my church.

I love truth and holiness over friends, ease, and happiness.

I have a spontaneous, living, high priority and delight in practicing prayer.

I prefer to be spend my time in serving others rather than with entertainment.

I consciously choice to not do some lawful things because it might give an excuse for others to also follow me and do it and possibly loose their souls.

I have a disinterest in and fear of any carnal beauty, financial gain, and personal popularity.

"...he shall be as a tree planted by the waters..."  Jeremiah 17:8
I'm consumed with having the approval of God rather than concerned with earning the respect of those respected by society.

When learning of others' faults or sins I have a burden to pray for them and help them rather than talk about them.

I constantly desire to turn the conversation to talk of God, His goodness, His works, His ways and what concerns God and I am unconcerned with sports, fashion, ease, the secular, and the stars and idols of the day.

I am others minded flee self absorption or self promotion.

 I am heavenly minded rather than earthly minded.

I am humble in action, unconcerned for favors, and grieved by the praise of others, rather than thinking that I make God look good when I get glory.

I live with a deep feeling of unworthiness and feel that others are more worthy of God's grace than me.

I consider it a privilege to work to serve those who don't deserve it because this following my Saviour's example.

I instantly feel repulsion and deep sorrow at even the idea of sin, rather than a tendency of a carnal curiosity regarding sin.

I  fear and turning away from any alliances except those holy and pure alliances which are commanded by God.

I feel a gratefulness to God in hard times because feel I deserve worse and because in time God can this to make me more Christlike.

I love to talk to God just to be with Him, not just to get things from God as good as these things might be.

I delight in obeying God as revealed in the laws of the Bible, because I have a love for God and His Word.

I evidence God's love in my heart by seeking to bless my enemies and persecutors, forgiving those who sin against me, helping the poor, and defending God's poor and lowly lambs -- the least esteemed of others and those useless to society.

God's grace offers this and much more through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.  We cannot esteem too highly the cleansing power of Christ's blood through faith.  God has high privileges for all in Christ.  God has us look to how Jesus was and by faith have Him enthroned in our hearts.

I know there are more signs to list.  Please post what you would consider other signs of a healthy Christian and Church in the comments below.  Thanks, Phillip


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Phillip, I found this post to be an eye-opener for me in some areas of my life, and I could see that these signs are true. I really enjoyed reading and pondering these helpful signs of a healthy church. I loved the picture of the pretty trees and water, too. Love, Mom D

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Mom!
I love you too!

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