Friday, May 2, 2014

Jews and Chinese

I've found it interesting that...
There are similarities between the Jews and the Chinese.  Notice just two:  
1. Ancient written Hebrew was a pictorial language; although also phonetic, the letters came from images.  Chinese is a pictorial language.  Their words come from images.  Both languages are ancient and have many ancient seeds of truth.  For instance...

Hebrew word picture

Chinese word picture
2. Both the Jews and the Chinese use a calendar based on the moon and it's cycles.  Whereas Westerners use a sun based calendar.  

Chinese history on this is sparse and there are varying opinions, but some historians and even some genetic mapping present some evidence that many of the Chinese' ancestors seem to have descended from Noah's son Shem, just as did the Jews.  But go one more generation back and we ALL have the same grandpa Noah.  What a godly heritage we have!

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