Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies of my life.

Sweet Heather at 5 months along.

I can honestly say that I profoundly thank God for giving me the mother, mother-in-law, and wife that He has given me.

About my own mom, I cannot think of another mom (as well as mother-in-law or wife) that I would rather have.  And I know that God in His wisdom and love gave me a mother who would best make me want to be a real man, love a woman, have a family and home, try to get them and others to heaven, and love and know God though Jesus Christ in prayer and through obedience to His Word.  Thank you, Mother.

Thank you,  Mother-In-Law, for raising up a most marvelous daughter.  God says that wisdom is justified of her children.  I didn't know you until I after I met Heather.  But obviously due to the fruit I see in your life today and in Heather, Heather had a wise and loving mother.

For Heather loves God, loves me, loves her family, loves her children, loves the lost, loves the church, loves being a housewife and a minister's wife, and she just loves people in general.  And she loves with an abundance, sincerity, and joy that only God can give.

Thank you, Heather, for blessing me by being my wife.  I'd choose you all over again.  I am many-fold more the man I am, because of having you as my wife.  Your children (in our household and around the world) and I rise up and call you blessed.
                                             - Phillip

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