Wednesday, April 2, 2014

~More pics from Sunday...and more about Phillip's youth service.~

~Aunt Yoli normally plays the piano at the Chinese church, but she and U. Charlie are gone for a little while visiting some family.
So before she left she gave me the hymns that she would like for me to play on the piano for the church services while she was gone.
It was little nerve wracking for me....since the service was all in Chinese...I was afraid I wouldn't know when we were going to sing the hymn, or when they were going to take the offering and sing that hymn, etc.  But Jesus helped me.  =)
(There is a hallway behind the glass door where the piano is up front, so Kimberly snuck and took this picture of me at the piano through the door. =) ~

~Then after lunch the young people had their service where Phillip was graciously invited to speak.  Our friend Leo stood behind Kimberly translating for her.~
God really helped Phillip as he spoke and our new friend Oso as he translated into Manderin!  =) ~
~Phillip spoke on living pure lives BEFORE AND AFTER MARRIAGE!
God gave Phillip the illustration or object lesson of using 2 matching coffee cups: One was Clean inside and the other was VERY DIRTY!!!
He then had a glass pitcher sort of representing the Holy Spirit.
He asked for a volunteer to come up to give them a drink of water.  From where we were sitting one couldn't tell the difference between the 2 coffee cups...but for some reason the volunteer who came up front...our friend Caro chose the CLEAN CUP!  =) ~
~Phillip talked about the Holy Spirit (the pitcher of water) wanting to FILL each one of us, but we have to be CLEAN inside before He can fill us.  ~
~We need to let Jesus clean us on the inside...and then the Holy Spirit wants to come in and fill that we in turn can be a blessing to others.
No one would want a drink of water out of a DIRTY cup...but, oh the BLESSING it is to have a drink of water out of a CLEAN cup to quench one's thirst.
May each of us be the clean "cups" or temples that Jesus needs to use to touch other lives for HIM!!!~
~The young people were attentive listeners.~

~While we were in the youth service, Sarah was helping a group of people work on a bulletin board about the Resurrection story.~
Our family feels so blessed to be able to attend the Chinese church and it is our desire to help in any small way we can.

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