Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep Praying For Colombia

Perhaps not a day goes by in which I do not feel gratefulness to God for our co-workers in Colombia.  We consider it a privilege to try to serve them as best as God enables us.

I've also learned a painful part of missionary work.  We already knew that we would miss our family, church, and loved ones in the USA when we were away from them.  But now that we are working more than one field, we are finding ourselves missing our national brothers also when away from them.

Jimmy and Farly Ramirez and daughters Nataly and Gabriela
Please continue to help us pray for God's servants in Colombia.  As you are doing in the USA, they are doing there in Colombia.  You are praying.  I know that our own Christian Nation Church is holding a special prayer meeting for Revival and for I.H.C.  And they meet weekly for fervent prayer.  I know that the prayer warriors of Rope Holders are praying.  I know that Shelbyville Bible Holiness Church, meets monthly to pray especially for their missionaries.  And I know that many, many of you are praying, daily, earnestly too.  Praise The Lord!  And I know that our dear Colombian brothers are praying much too.  This Friday is an all night prayer meeting in one of the churches.  And special prayer meetings like this are regular occurrences there too.

Rigoberto Burgos (& wife Ilse) in Cartegena
You have regularly prayed for the Colombians time after time and you still do.  They also regularly pray for you, for your churches, for the entire sanctification of believers, and for revival too.  Isn't it wonderful to be on the same team and on a growing team -- God's team!

Alberto Osorio (& wife Alba) in Medellin
We in the USA are burdened for our unsaved acquaintances and pray much for them.  The Colombians pray for lost souls there too.  You are praying for Argentina; they pray for Argentina.  You pray for us.  They pray for us.

You are giving sacrificially and we pass that on to the harvest fields.  The mission field hasn't made it to the same level of financial maturity yet to be able to give to foreign missions.  But I expect that with time God will prosper them to do so as they continue to tithe and pray.  But they love to give in other ways and they offer the sacrifice of much prayer and fasting as you do too.

Let's continue to pray for these pastors, their faithful wives, their families, and their congregations.  They and their families face battles and trials as do all Christian leaders, but they have few holiness people around for encouragement like so many of us do.

Jimmy Ramirez (& wife Farly) in Bogota
Thank you so much, dear Colombian Christian Nation Church!  God has done so much for you.
And thank you so much, dear Holiness Church in the United States and elsewhere.  God has given you a rich heritage and has set the special seal of His glory upon you.  Let's ask for, attempt more, and expect more from God!                    

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