Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great Grandma Bryan

UPDATE:  Thank you for praying.  Sunday P.M., February 26, 2012, Grandma went to heaven to live with Jesus.  Read more here.

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My Great Grandma Bryan is very low. Mommy says that she is "packing her bags for her journey home(to Heaven)." Please pray for her. Thank you. -Kimberly


~Carla~ said...

Praying for you all today.... ~Carla~

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Kimberly,
Today was a sad day knowing that Grandma Bryan was gone.
She was such a good Grandma to her children and grandchildren, and to her great grandchildren too.
It is hard when a grandparent dies. It makes our hearts sad for a long time.
But she isn't sad, that's for sure! She is looking at Jesus, and she's telling old-time friends hello, and she is seeing the beautiful angels that live in Heaven.
But we are STILL sad because we will miss her.
I love you, Kimberely!
Grandma D in Arizona

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