Friday, October 7, 2011

Ministry trip to Medellin and Cartegena, Colombia

Blessed, successful, and fun describe my trip to the churches in Medellin and Cartegena.   In summary:

Santa Fe, Antioquia, Colombia.  Our Medellin church is also in Antioquia.  (creative commons, laloking97,
  1. The leaders with their families are growing spiritually in both churches.
  2. We witnessed to and prayed with various people.
  3. I saw people seeking after holiness.
  4. Several broke down in tears at the preaching of Bible truths; they have genuine spiritual hunger.
  5. A good number worked hard, studied, and finished their homework in the classes we offered.  (If you want to study the two topics we studied, read Wesley's 37th sermon and 1 Peter 1:16, "Be ye holy.")
  6. We encountered a problem due to ignorance of Biblical teachings, but God beautifully orchestrated an opportunity to teach what God wants and resolve the problem.  Several told me that in their heart they had not felt comfortable and now felt happy and relieved to have clear Biblical directions on this.
  7. We gave the churches and their leaders a pile of helpful Christian books.
  8. We had great heart to heart talks in the homes of the church leaders.  I listened to them and showed them love and support. 
  9. I see them faithful in spite of a lot of hardships.
So thanks for praying; don't let up.  God is answering.  Hopefully next time, I'll be able to take a camera and have more pictures for you.              - Phillip

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