Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~God cares about Friends~

~As Mommy, I would like to Thank the Lord for allowing our girls to have dear friends here in Colombia.  "Thank you, dear Jesus, for sending such special friends for our girls!!"
The Lord planned that Kimberly would have a sweet friend named Nataly...~
~ And that Sarah would have a great friend named Gaby.  Sarah and Gaby are actually "TWINS" that were separated at birth.  HA!  They are EXACTLY alike.  They think alike, play alike, act alike and are hilarious together.   Gaby and Nataly are precious young ladies.
Please pray that God will guide the lives of all 4 of these girls and use them for Him.  Thank you!  =)~

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

It IS nice that your girls have good girls to be their loved friends. That really is a blessing. And, it makes me smile to think of another girl like Sarah to be her "twin". I would love to watch those two busy little ladies in action. Smile.
I am grateful that Jesus has let these girls be friends.
Yes, I will pray for them. Love, Grandma D

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