Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adonai -- God's name, God's character

Adonai occurs 340 times in the Old Testament. Adonai has a very special meaning: Master, as of a slave of Master as a husband is to a wife. While the master expects service from his slave, he in turn guarantees to that slave that he will provide shelter, food, water, and protection. He will endeavor to keep that slave in good physical condition. A good man says to his wife, "As head of our house under Christ I will see that you have food, clothing, shelter, and protection. I will lay down my life for you because you are my wife." That is a picture of Adonai and His people: a relationship of a righteous master and his servant; of a loving husband and his wife.
-selection from High Conceptions of God by R. E. Carroll


The Sayler Family said...

Hi, Phillip! This post reminded me of the book I just finished reading (again:) Created to be His Help Meet. Some similar thoughts expressed. We keep up with you regularly through your and Heather's blog. So glad that she's feeling better. We pray for you often. Any chance of a Colorado visit when you all are in the States?
P.S. We also appreciate your political comments.

Phillip D said...

Great book, glad you liked it. Heather reads it every so often too. It says good things about a woman who reads that book and likes it; some women hate that book. I would recommend that husbands read it to. For when I read it, it convicted me to love my wife more and be even more responsible with the authority that God had entrusted me. I would love to swing through CO and KS this time around for we have dear friends and family there. But I don't think that it will be possible with our time being so short this time around and even shorter with using part of that time to have a baby and recoup. Hopefully the time after that will be possible to come through the heart of the USA. Lastly, thanks for your kind comments. Phillip

Kira said...

I have no doubt taken up your reply wrong ....for i thought you were announcing a new baby for your family !!!!

Great post again .

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Kira.

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