Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quotes from T.M. Anderson

From the chapter “Praying Without Doubting” in Prayer Availeth Much
…And shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. -Mark 11:23

Our Lord would have us see that we can possess the faith of God. He revealed this fact when He said, “…Have faith in God.”

Christ works according to His own faith, and His people enter into His faith and work with Him in accomplishing His purpose in redemption.

A man can plan for the happiness of a family before a child is born to gladden his heart. It is also true that a man’s family can enter into his faith and assist him to achieve his purpose in life. Surely it is possible for the redeemed family of Christ to enter into His faith and participate in His eternal purpose…

…The mountain is not removed by the efforts of man. Therefore we must conclude that the person speaking the words that remove the mountain has access to a power sufficient to remove the mountain and have it cast into the sea.

Let us assume that the mountain represents the mass of human misery caused by sin in this troubled earth.

Ponder Paul’s immortal challenge, ‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’ –Rom. 8:31

When once we have a proper concept of God’s immutable purpose…, it will not be difficult to pray without a doubt. ‘…And shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass’ …let us underscore the words, ‘Shall come to pass.’

When Christ has fulfilled His eternal purpose in redemption, then the mountain of human misery and woe shall be removed from the earth. When we perceive this truth as revealed in the Scriptures , we can understand that every prayer offered without a doubt in our hearts shall surely be answered in full.

The things we say in prayer are powerless and meaningless unless we have Christ’s authority to say them. But if the things we say in our prayers are the things which He has said, then we can pray without a doubt in our hearts. -Post by Phillip


Anonymous said...

Thank you Phillip for taking time to post on the subject on faith. Today Daddy and I took some time after making a hospital call to drive down into Indy and look for the antique side board that we need to replace the boxes of glassware that sit in the corner of our dining room. We both noticed how much the city with it's dirty snow slush and some of the buildings looked like a European city. As we pulled out a drive from one shop I felt overwhelmed at the look of sin I felt everywhere. As I read your post I was reminded that it is God's will that the masses be saved and that I can pray in faith believing that those people find the Truth. It was then that the overwhelmed feeling settled into a prayer of faith for those dear souls that know no different. I love you, Moma

sherryldickinson said...

It's neat having you blog again. That way I can see what subject you're on, and what you're thinking. Smile.
Phillip, do you know what a gorgeous mother-in-law you have? Jesus was good to you when he gave you detail-conscious, Martha. To me, even though she is so full of mischief, she is the best mom-in-law you could have ever asked for. And, her mischief endears her all the more to our hearts. We are lucky people!
I love you too.
Mom D

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