Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Our first lessons back here in Colombia~

We had our first lessons back here in Colombia on Friday. We were glad to see our teacher and she was glad to see us, I think (I HOPE!) =) Here we are tuning our violins.
Joshua (our teacher's baby) and Elijah had fun playing in Elijah's little pool. They are cute aren't they?
Sarah and our teacher or "Maestra".
My piano lesson with our teacher. We are a little rusty (because if you know anything about traveling on deputation than you'd know that we had NO TIME AT ALL to practice) but God is helping us.
Have a super day in Jesus!
- Posted by Kimberly, sounds official doesn't it? =)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kimberly, Yes, it does sound professional! And you look just too grown-up for this Gram heart. Your post was interesting. Love, Gram

sherryldickinson said...

Little Miss Kimberly!
I can't help it if my first thought was the very same thing as Gram's! You are looking so grown up! I had to do a double-take (another look)!
I loved these pictures of you girls with your music teacher giving you lessons.
I see cute Elijah got a hair cut!
I heard Noah say that he was hurt to the bone because there was no picture of him posted on here. Tell him he can get his picture put up another time.
Oh my! I am so HAPPY to see these pictures!
I love you six!
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Dear Kimberly,
It was so neat to get to "Hear" from you!!!!
Sorry I tried to post earlier but evidently it didn't go through! Love and miss you all TONS!!
Love your cuz,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kimberly, I hope you have fun taking lessons I just started taking flute lessons and it is pretty fun. I love you lots. I am praying for you guys. Katrina

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