Monday, October 22, 2012

Being vs. Doing

"I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect."   -- Genesis 17:1 

There are two types of Christians:

1.)  The Doing based Christian.  Busy doing great things for God.  Frustrated that others don’t do what they should do.

2.)  The Being based Christian.  Busy seeking after more of God.  Longs to please God any every little area no matter what others around him are doing or don’t do or are thinking or don’t think.
Many people judge their level of Spirituality and that of others by what they Do for God.  So if they do not see God doing great things with their life or ministry they get discouraged.   

Then they are tempted to brow-beat others around them to try harder to get more done.  This does nothing to change people unless they are willing to be put on a guilt-trip to try harder.   

For instance, a Doing or Performance based Pastor will be tempted to get impatient with his church because they are too dry or they aren’t working enough or they’re not praying enough to see revival or to see the church grow, etc.   

A Pastor who is Being oriented will tend to look at his own self for the source of any lack in his church since he is the leader.  And even if his church is thriving, he will be humbly striving to please God and have an even closer walk with God and he will yet yearn to love God even more.  

 To God the most important thing for me to worry about is my own Spiritual state.  So the most important thing with which I can concern myself is for me to Be through God more than to Do for God.  

 If I am most concerned about my Being, then I am going to be hard only on myself and concern myself about my own attitude.  I will be striving to do whatever God’s will is for me.  And I will be kind, patient, and sweet to others even if they do not seem to measure up to the standard which I impose upon myself.   

God will accomplish His will around me if I myself am Being all that God wants me to be.  God will use the person who is committed to Being the person God wants.  He will use him to lead others to do the same.  Only by Being will God’s will be done in my life and in my ministry. 

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him."   -- 2 Chronicles 16:9     


Rob and Deanna said...

This post was very helpful to me and I will be praying to "Be" a Being Christian. This statement: A Pastor who is Being oriented.....describes our Pastor to a "T" doesn't it?! I didn't know how to put into words what makes our Pastors different. Excellent Post!

The Dickinsons said...

Dear "Rob and Deanna"
Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I agree we are blessed with Pastors who have this right.
May God bless you all,

Natasha said...

Wonderful post! That is definitely my prayer. Thanks for sharing!

The Dickinsons said...

Dear Natasha,
It made me happy to get your comment. Thanks! I'll be praying with you. This is my prayer too.
U. Phillip

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for posting this. Sad that it takes us soooo long to get this into our heads. Yes, I'm making a confession here!=) Praying for you all and thanks for your lives they are such an encouragement to us to keep on keeping on. We'll miss ya'll this weekend at Keith and Natalie's wedding. I'll try to take as MANY pics for ya'll as I can. Love ya much, Laura and Family

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you so much, Laura.
We love and miss y'all,

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