Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Blessed Ministry of Prayer

It used to be common to meet someone called to a ministry of prayer.  Where are those called to such today?  Nowadays when you meet someone who prays much, you have met an endangered species.   

I also believe that there are too many who used to be intercessors but are now living off the blessings of a past life.  They are still good people, but has-beens in prayer living a busy life.   

Those given to a ministry of prayer if they are wholly sanctified are marked by a sweetness, a brokenness, a carefulness.  The Spirit of God rests on them.  To be with them is to be in the presence of Jesus.   

God’s answers to prayer are spiritual blessings.  Revivals and awakenings sweep down by prayer.  God fearing congregations, glorious denominations, saintly grandparents, godly parents, holy youth have all been birthed by prayer.  Pastors and missionaries, evangelists and faithful laity rise up as armies in answer to prayer.   

Who could place a value on prayer?  To try would be fruitless.   

Oh, we must pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send forth [prayer] laborers!  For prayer begets prayer.  And much prayer begets much glory, holiness, and blessings from the God who inspires and leads us in such a high calling.       

- Phillip, 2009

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