Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~Pics from our Sunday & our time with Edgar and Joanna!~

I wanted to share some pics from our recent Sunday.  
~Here is Noah, our neighbor Nicolas on your right, and Noah's church friend Adrian on your left before they started Sunday school.~
 ~2 adorable baby girls playing in the baby bed.  Heather Sofia on your left and Jimmy's niece Stephanie on your right. =) ~
 ~After service this lady Marina wanted a picture with Phillip and I and Pastor Jimmy.  She's been faithful to church since Phillip first started pastoring her back in 2006.   She (and often her small granddaughter) have to take 2 LONG, VERY BOUNCY, DIRTY, bus rides (lasting up to an hour or more) to get to church!!   
Are we (who have an easier way to get to church) as faithful?
Please pray for her and her family that they will serve Jesus with their whole heart.  Thank you!~
 ~Then, our family was excited for we had a dinner invitation to Edgar and Joanna's house for Sunday dinner.  We rode home from church with them...on a long bus ride, in a teensy bus, and about 45 mins. later we arrived at their lovely new apt. that Jesus just helped them to rent.   =)
 ~Here's Joanna making our delicious meal! (The reason I'm on the couch is because they wanted to treat me this day and giving me a day of rest, although I offered LOTS of times to help her.   It was nice, but I surely HATED to have them do all the work, when the girls and I could have helped.
But, I was a good girl and sat in the living room like they wanted me to.  =) ~
 ~Our Sarah and precious Heather Sofia.~
 ~Our Noah with Elijah and Mary squatting down, and Sarah and Heather Sofia.~
 ~Noah and Elijah eating their lunch.~
 ~They served us a DELICIOUS lunch of fried plantain, rice, a special hamburger, and a wonderful recipe for beans.  YUMMY!~
 ~We had a delightful afternoon visiting, eating their wonderful food, and challenging each other in the Lord!  Kimberly snapped this picture of "my boyfriend and I" =)... before we all walked the 15 mins. to catch our bus to go back home that evening. ~

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