Friday, December 23, 2011

~What's Christmas about?~

It's more than turkey and stuffing...
It's more than presents and wrapping!
It's more than santa and toys...
It's more than all the Christmas noise!
It's more than reindeer and a sled...
It's about our Savior in a manger bed!  Written by Sarah (11) Dec., 2011
posted by Sarah


Daryl Hausman said...

Good Job Sarah!!
Love ya,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a cute poem!
I am laughing thinking of Sarah running around in the house looking for a pencil and paper with which to write her Christmas poem.
When one loves to write, it is gratifying to the penman AND to the reader. I'm happy that Sarah is learning the joy of writing.
I love you, Miss Sarita!
Grandma Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Nice work... you must have learned your poetry skills from your A. Laura! NOT!!!! Love you so much! A. Laura and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for the Christmas poem. It is accurate.
May God bless talent for His cause.

Love and Prayers,

mmsbryan said...

Dearest Sarah, I have left two comments on your very good poem and lost them both so will try again. You told a very big story in a very few words! I think that your Mommy was about your age when she began writing in rhyme. Now,- . . . don't you let your Aunt Laura convince you that you got your talent from her for any the family will be quick to tell you that you got it from "Gram." GG read it with me and remembers when in Phoenix I called you my Whittle Whittle." She loved going on dessert picnics with you and Kimberly every afternoon and remembers coming to our house in the winter,that was her favoite place to come. I love you, Gram

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