Monday, January 24, 2011

We are blessed indeed

I want to thank each of you for your prayers; we have felt them. We are getting dug out and making progress. You may still help us pray about what to do about this moldy damp apartment we live in. Praise God for a blessed Lord's Day yesterday. Pastor Jimmy preached just what we needed and the rest of our day was restful and spiritually profitable. Speaking for myself, I am facing a lot of crazy feelings right now that are so common to this kind of life. Thank God we don't live by feelings, rather by faith.

Today I was remembering so many of the houses I have been in here in the south in the mountains where the nights are colder -- at times in the 30s at night. Many have dirt floors, plastic, hanging carpet, or boards for the walls, and they place pans here and there to catch the drips as it rained (this part we understand), while cold air blew in the many gaps and their "pantry" is often empty. These shacks are inhabited by disfunctional and broken homes, single moms, and couples shacking up and many children with little hope who are often preyed upon. We are so blessed to only have drippy ceilings and mold. We don't have a dirt floor nor gaps in the walls. We have a family who loves each other, God, and others. We have a church family who loves each other, God, and others. We are blessed indeed to serve God and others with such a comfortable and joyful life. Thank you, God, for my many blessings.


kira said...

Praise God .

Anonymous said...

Dearest Phillip, I can only try to imagine those "feelings" that you are facing. Thank you for being willing to answer that call. I remember that evening in Phoenix as you shared your call with with Daddy and I and how loosely connected it all seemed to me. I have stood in awe how God has brought to pass what He was leading you to do. While it seemed a big assignment to my Moma heart at the time I never failed to trust you as you followed God and led your family into the heat of the battle. On my fridge is a quote that helps my heart as I stand back and watch you go serve in Colombia: "Unless there is an element of risk in our exploits for God, there is no need for faith." J. Hudson Taylor
You went from months of laboring to make a home for your family and then after seeing that reality (still a construction zone, though beautiful for only 19 days to depositing that family that you show you so love into a house of mold. May God rest you in Him and settle those feelings by showing you the great things He is doing because of you. I love you, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Phillip, what a loving and encouraging 'comment' Mom Bryan has made regarding your current situation. To me, it seems she summed up everything perfectly. I am grateful that her heart realizes the truth of what she has written. And, my heart is blessed with those thoughts she was able to express in words.
"Lord, I praise you today, for you are the one who pierces dark and heavy clouds with shafts of sunlight, like purest gold." (Joni E. Tada)
Martha's comment was a shaft of golden sunlight to my mother heart. Smile.
Mom D

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