Sunday, May 2, 2010

Discipline verses Salvation

A chairman, in representing one of his preachers, said, “He has not much salvation to offer, so he goes it heavy on discipline.” Is not that the real seat of the difficulty with preachers who have so much more zeal and success in getting people out of the church than they do to get them to unite with the church? They have not much salvation to offer. They can see the disease, but do not furnish a remedy. A person who has the toothache will not make up any more faces if you cut off his head. But is that the best way to treat him? To destroy a church is not the best way to promote its purity. Piety, prudence, and patience will go further towards getting people fitted for the kingdom of God, than will a furious zeal to turn them out of the church. Before you begin proceedings to turn members out of the church, read the chapter on Discipline in “Fishers of Men.” Above all, read Matt. 18:15-17. Then pray for them, until your heart is filled with deep, tender love for their souls. If proceeding against them, act just as you would if the person complained of was your own brother or son. Remember that the great object to be gained is the salvation of the soul.

- Minister Benjamin Titus Roberts (bishop of The Free Methodist Church) published in "THE FREE METHODIST" quoted in Pungent Truths

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sherryldickinson said...

This post was a help to me.
It is wonderful that love and kindness is a better goad to godliness than criticism and ostracism.
I love it that you are posting on a blog again!

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