Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who you are = your future.

God chose and anointed David to be the future king when he was yet young and yet a man after God's own heart. Children and young people must take care to remember that God is choosing their greatness and usefulness now and such will depend on their holiness now. We parents also must have a burden and consuming passion to lead our children into holiness so God can use them later in the greatest way possible. For the grandness of our usefulness tomorrow depends on who we are or how we are today. Or put another way... The greatness of who we are tomorrow depends on how holy we are today. Never limit God. -pdd

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Daryl Hausman said...

how true Phillip! My daily prayer is that God will lead and guide us IN HIS WISDOM as we train up our children and keep our family SAFE in His arms of protection, NOW and ALWAYS! Love you all much! Laura and family

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